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“One World, One Dream” is China’s Olympic slogan. But the reality of China’s occupation of Tibet is a nightmare. Thousands of Tibetans are being arbitrarily detained, beaten and killed for speaking out for freedom.

In this Olympic year, with all eyes on China, Tibetans are risking everything to rise up and demand their human rights – and the world is watching.

Tibetans inside Tibet need our support now more than ever.

Students for a Free Tibet (SFT), a global network of students and activists, is leading the fight for Tibet: representing silenced Tibetans at every stop along the Olympic torch route; executing high profile protests from Olympia, Greece to Mt. Everest; increasing the pressure on world leaders to act; and working around the clock to ensure the international media tells the true story of what is happening inside Tibet.

And we’re just getting started. SFT will continue to be at the forefront of efforts to ensure that Tibetans’ call for freedom is amplified around the world in the lead up to and during the Beijing Olympics. But we need your support.

Help us shine the Olympic spotlight on China’s unmet human rights commitments and demand real change for the Tibetan people.

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Your contribution will go directly towards SFT’s hard-hitting grassroots campaigns, and our activist training program that helps create the student leaders that are working so hard for human rights and freedom in Tibet. Your donation is a powerful investment in peace and freedom.

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