Losar Pledge: Because I am Tibetan

This Losar, Tibetans are making a pledge to do something once a week – or once a day – to strengthen Tibetan identity and to weaken China’s control over Tibet.

Fill out the pledge form or add as a comment below and your pledge will be added.

“I pledge to translate inspiring quotes from other freedom movements to share with Tibetans once a week on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.”
- Tenzin (Tendor) Dorjee

“Because I am Tibetan, this Losar I pledge to study/practice Tibetan 1 hr per day.”
- Lhadon Tethong

“This Losar 2137, I pledge to honor my Tibetan heritage and wear chuba once every week. It will be my Tibetan Wednesday, my day of remembrance of my culture, my people, and our struggle.”
- Tenzin Dolkar

I pledge to support any effort for a FREE TIBET till the last breath of my life.
- Nawang Lhautara

I will speak in Tibetan at home and with my friends!
- Tenzin Dechen (Berkely, CA)

This Losar, I pledge to make more of an effort to learn and speak my language, Tibetan, so that when we return to Tibet, I’ll be able to communicate with my fellow brothers and sisters.
- Tenzin Lobsang (Toronto, Canada)

This Losar I pledge to write at least one persuasive letter to a government official, informing them on the macabre situation taking place in Tibet, and encouraging them to take action to support Tibet.
- Tenzin Lhanze (United States)

Because I am a Tibetan, I pledge to do my “shandon” (Reciting tibetan prayer books) everyday.
- Jigme Namgyal (United Kingdom)

This losar, I pledge to pray every morning for my country TIBET to get our rangzen back soon and will read more books about Tibet.
- Tenzin Dolma

I am sorry to say that as Tibetan, I don’t even know Tibetan. This Losar, I pledge to learn the language.
- Namgyal

I plan to try to speak in Tibetan to all my Tibetan friends.
Also, I will/am having a soup and discussion on Tibet at my college.
I am going to a class to talk about Tibet.
Bhod Gyalo!
- Ngawang Gonsar (Duluth, MN)

- Norbu Samdup (New York, USA)

This Losar, as a family, we pledge to practise the rich traditions of Tibet every day.  We pledge to always be mindful of being  Tibetan and to become ambassadors of Tibet.  We pledge never to bring harm to the Tibetan name.
We will celebrate Losar because we are Tibetans.
- Nyima Gyaltsen (Canada)

I pledge to make sure my daughter learns to read and speak Tibetan, and I will continue to Tibet work for always.
- Jordhen (Canada)

Being a tibetan,pledge to learn the language more effectively and all prayers to those BRAVO who have laid their lives for all the tibetans.
- Tenzin Donsal (Bylakuppe)

I pledge to speak only in Tibetan to those who understand Tibetan.
- Tenzin Jigme

This Losar I pledge to spread and inform the sufferings of Tibetan inside Tibet  from cruel chinese regime.
- Tenzin C Woesung

BECAUSE I AM TIBETAN…This Losar 2137, I pledge to speak Tibetan as much as possible with my Tibetan fellow brothers and sisters and continue to learn about the rich history of my beautiful home,Tibet.
- Nawa Dolker (Madison, WI, USA)

This Losar I pledge to celebrate by honoring my father who always tried to make me read his books, listen to his songs, and play various Tibetan instruments; for the first time in my life I see why he did so.
- Tsetan Dolqar (Madison)

this losar i pledge to honor great tibetan culture and pray daily specially for tibetans inside tibet who are mistreated by red chinese every single day.                                                                                                                                                    – Tsering (Delhi)

I will say ” bod gyalo” every morning when I wake up and pray for the eternal peace of the Tibetans living under Chinese pressure without any freedom when I go to sleep.
- Ugen

This Tibetan Losar, being a Tibetan, I pledge to study and practice Tibetan atleast Twice a week.
- Lobsang Topgyal (Bangalore India)

My Losar Pledge is to keep our national struggle to continue and to remember myself those Tibetan lost their lives under Chinese rule. I am not going to Celebrate this Losar because to known so many our people got killed under Chinese rule and many of them staying under suffering day and night in Chinese prison. We know people in Tibet given their lives for freedom, we tibetan living in free country not celebrating Losar for two years nothing. I feel this is one way to show our solidarity.

I really appreciated all your good works for our struggle.
- Lobsang Rabsel (India)

i will keep my identity of being a tibetan and lets fire at the Chinese authority to know that i am a tibetan….
- younten phuntsok (bangalore)

Because I am Tibetan, I will learn to have more tolerance and compassion for others every day. Peace to the world!
- Chodak Hunter (England)

this year losar, i pledge to study Japanese two hours per day and will present how much our brothers and sisters are struggling under Chinese rule.
- Nima Bhuti

I pledge to study very hard for the cause of Tibet.
- Dega (Class V Dharamsala, India)

To remind students under my guidance and care the tragedy that is TIBET and motivate them that Pen is truly mightier than sword 24*12.
- Tenzin Tsultrim

Display the Tibetan flag where ever i can, house, car, work and on my bag. Study and learn my prayer to vanquish all suffering and ignorance.
- Rapten Chhoyang (Toronto, Canada)

I have pledged with my family members, five of us ( two boys and a girl all over 20yrs, self and my wife) that we will speak in Tibetan within the family and to other Tibetans hence forth.
- Ngodup Tsering (Albany, CA)

My family is participating in a clothing drive instead of buying new clothes for Losar
- Theresa Dhondup

Because I am Tibetan I pledge to embrace my culture to the fullest once a week.
-Tenzin Tsangyang

Because i am a Tibetan I wil let my children watch Tibet related movies/ documentaries on every Fridays instead of going out for a Hollywood movie.
- Norbu (Olympia, WA)

This Losar I pledge to do more for the people inside Tibet!
- Leda Nornang (New York)

i pledge to honor my Tibetan heritage and wear chuba, eat tsampa, never lie like chinese ccp leader. you know like who? hu jintao. correctttttttt…free tibet. tibet will never die..down with ccp.
- sonam tsering (astoria new york)

I Pledge to spread the Tibetan culture and heritage to my International friends more often.
- kunzang (Monterey, CA)

This Losar, I pledge to work towards representing my country in all aspects. Firstly, As a member of the Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (New York) i will make every effort to strengthen our cause and uphold the name of Tibet. Secondly, i will continue to learn more about what the tibetan buddhism has to offer. Lastly, i will make an effort to speak in tibetan with all my fellow tibetans.
- tenzin kunsang (new york)

This year, I pledge to share stories of Tibetans through my writing. I pledge to study, trace and experience the exile’s trek my grandparents and parents made. I pledge to continue learning my language and never give up on Rangzen.
- Tsering Lama (New York)

I’ve always thought of reading and writing more in Tibetan, but always the thought slipped away. This Losar, I pledge that I will make this happen. Bhod Gyalo!
Tenzin Choedon (India)

I pledge to keep the Tibetan Freedom Movement alive by doing it on the daily basis not every March 10th and eat momos at the Tibetan restaurants.
- Tenzin Jampa Samdo (Cambridge, MA)

My resolution for the coming Losar is to restart reading old school prayer book once in month as i am afraid if i ever forget those.
- Kyipa (Milano, Italy)

Because I am Tibetan, this losar I pledge to learn Tibetan an hour a day.
- Dolma Lhamo

Losar – Because I am Tibetan, I pledge to study and deepen my knowledge about Tibet’s Political History, which is very much needed for Tibetans, struggling for their independence. …. Bodh Gyalo
- kunchok Sangpo (Delhi-SFT)

Losar – Because I am Tibetan, I pledge to study and deepen my knowledge about TIbet’s Political History, which is very much needed for Tibetans struggling for their independence. Bodh Gyalo.
-kunchok sangpo (Delhi-SFT)

i pledge to do what ever i can in the smallest sense for my country TIBET.
- karma (cheannai, india)

I pledge to prostrate 13 times every day.
3 for Lord Buddha and 10 for our struggle.
- Tseten Anak

i pledge i shall talk in pure tibetan,no hindi,english,
urdu,marathi,nepali,french in between when i talk in
but for those word there is no translation in tibetan.
i am not going to create new of my own.
with our permission i am going to use as it is.
- tenzin chokdup (india)

i pledge to read more books written in Tibetan languages,so that i can preserve my precious mother language.And gonna pray for free Tibet whenever i visit Boudhanath  stupa.
- tenzin tenpa (kathmandu)

Always always Speak Tibetan at home. Obsewrve Tibetans festvals and any kind of tibetan ceremonies. Wear Chupa during the gathers or when we go to stupas.                                                                                                                                                           – lhakpa Dolma (USA)

Whenever and where ever i get the opportunity to introduce myself, I am going to mention clearly that i am a Tibetan because there are still many people who have not even heard of Tibet. And it hurts.
- Sonam Diki

I pledge I shall talk in pure Tibetan, no Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, Nepali or French in between when I talk in Tibetan. For those words that there is no translation in Tibetan, I am not going to create my own, with our permission I am going to use as it is.
- Tenzin Chokdup (India)

I pledge to read more books written in Tibetan languages, so that i can preserve my precious mother language. And gonna pray for free Tibet whenever i visit Boudhanath stupa.
- Tenzin Tenpa (Kathmandu)

Always always speak Tibetan at home. Observe Tibetan’s festivals and any kind of Tibetan ceremonies. Wear Chupa during the gathers or when we go to stupas.
- Ihakpa Dolma (USA)

I will try to spread the word.
- Hala

Whenever and where ever i get the opportunity to introduce myself, I am going to mention clearly that i am a Tibetan because there are still many people who have not even heard of Tibet. And it hurts.
- Sonam Diki

I love Tibet. I love my land. I am Tibetan because I love my Tibetan sisters and brothers. I never forget Tibet.
- Maria Dobrucka

I pledge not to mix English with my spoken Tibetan.
-Tenzin Dhongyal

I will seat and meditate one hour per day, follow practice.
- Rafael

བོད་རྒྱལ་ལོ།2137   ལོ་གསར་པའི་དམ་བཅའ།
My Pledge for Losar 2137:-
ལོ་འདི་ནས་བཟུང། ངས་རང་ཉིད་དང་རང་གི་ཁྱིམ་ཚང་གི་དོན་དུ་ཇི་ཙམ་བསམ་པ་དེ་ཙམ་དུ་ངས་རང་གི་རྒྱལ་ཁབ་”བོད་”འདིའི་དོན་དུ་སེམས་འཁུར་བྱ་རྒྱུའི་དམ་བཅའ་བཞག་ཡོད།
I pledge to think about our Country “TIBET” as much as I think and thought for my Family and Myself.
འདི་ལོ་ནས་བཟུང། ངས་རང་ཉིད་ཀྱི་ཉིན་རེའི་ཕྱག་ཚོད་24 ལས་ཉུང་མཐར་ཕྱག་ཚོད་1  ནས་2   བར་རང་གི་རྒྱལ་ཁབ་”བོད་”དང༌བོད་ཀྱི་རིག་གཞུང་། རང་གི་ཤ་ཁྲག་གཅིག་པའི་བོད་མི་རིགས་ཀྱི་ཆེད་དུ་གཏོང་རྒྱུའི་དམ་བཅའ་བཞག་ཡོད།
I pledge to spend atlest 1-2 hrs of 24 hrs of day working for TIBE & TIBETAN.
རང་ཉིད་རང་དབང་དང་རང་བཙན་མེད་པའི་མི་རིགས་གཅིག་ཡིན་ནའང་། ད་བར་བདེ་སྐྱིད་ངང་འགྲོ་བ་མིའི་ཐོབ་ཐང་དང༌། རང་ངོ་རང་ཤེས། རང་འགན་རང་འཁུར་བཅས་གྱི་བསམ་ཤེས་ཐུབ་པ་ཙམ་མ་ཟད། དངོས་སུ་ལོངས་སུ་སྤྱོད་རྒྱུའི་གོ་སྐབས་བཟང་པོ་རག་པ་འདི། གོང་ས་ཐམས་ཅད་མཁྱེན་པ་སྐྱབས་མགོན་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་མཆོག་དང༌བོད་གཞུང་གི་བཀའ་དྲིན་དང༌། བོད་ཀྱི་རིག་གཞུང་བཟང་པོ་དང་ལྷག་བསམ་ལྡན་པའི་བོད་མི་རིགས་ཀྱིས་སྨོན་ལམ་ཉག་ཅིག་ལས་བྱུང་བ་ཡིན་པས། ངས། ལོ་ནས་བཟུང་རང་ཉིད་ཀྱི་མ་འོངས་པའི་མི་ཚེ་གང་པོ་དེ་རང་གི་རྒྱབ་”བོད་”དང་བོད་ཀྱི་རིག་གཞུང༌། མི་རིགས་བཅས་ཀྱི་མདུན་ལམ་བཟང་པོའི་ཆེད་དུ་ཞབས་ཞུ་བྱ་རྒྱུའི་དམ་བཅའ་བཞག་ཡོད།

I pledge to serve/dedicate my future-life for TIBET & TIBETS CULTURE & TIBETAN community, because I am borne as TIBEATN and I believe, what I am now is by the grace of His Holiness the Dalai and Tibetan Exile in Government. རེས་གཟའ་ཉི་མ།  ཕྱི་ལོ།2010   ཟླ།02  ཚེས།14    ལོ་གསར་ཚེས་1    ཉིན།   Date: Sunday, 14th Feb 2010 (Losar 1st Day)
- Dr. Dranyi Dawa Tsering

I pledge to read and learn on Tibetan history once in week.
- Kunchok (USA)

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