March 10: Global Uprising

A new uprising is underway in Tibet. Tibetans are boldly asserting their identity and desire for freedom. A new generation is determined to finish what was started a half century ago when Tibetans defiantly rose up against China’s occupation. Be a part of history, join a protest on March 10th – march for freedom in Tibet.

Find helpful March 10th Materials & Resources

Want to learn more? Read about the 1959 Tibetan National Uprising.


1) Join a March 10th protest near you. Help
fan the winds of freedom blowing from the Arab world. On March 10th,
march in solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet as they assert their Tibetan identity and desire for freedom, democracy, and
human rights.

2) Watch & Share SFT’s March 10th Video. Inspire others to take action for Tibet.

3) March 8-12: Join the Global Text Action for Norzin Wangmo, a Tibetan prisoner of conscience. Help intensify the pressure for her release from Chinese prison.

  • Norzin Wangmo, a Tibetan writer and government official was detained, tortured, and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for communicating over the phone and Internet about China’s human rights abuses in Tibet.
  • Join the global text action on Facebook.
  • Use your cellphone and the Internet  – the very communications tools the Chinese government is trying to control – to advocate for her release. Text (SMS) + 86 28 8660 4437 and send a message to Liu Qibao, Party Secretary of Sichuan Province, where Norzin is detained. You can also text the Chinese Embassy nearest you.
  • Take action for her release and read more about her case at:

4) Record your own video message(s) in the lead up to or on March 10th. Your video could include:

  • If you are Tibetan, please make an “I am Tibetan” video. (view an “I am Tibetan” – Video from Amdo, Tibet and view SFT India’s “I am Tibetan” video for inspiration!) If possible, record Tibetans speaking in front of famous landmarks (ie. London bridge, Golden Gate bridge, India Gate, etc) about what makes them Tibetan.
  • Ask people to send messages of support to Tibetans inside Tibet and China. How have their actions inspired you? How do you continue to assert your Tibetan identity in exile? Why do you support the Tibetan freedom movement?
  • Ask people to hold a photo of a political prisoner (find profiles at: Send a message to that individual describing how their actions have inspired people you. What makes them your hero?

Upload your video to or and spread the link on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites and other internet/social networking sites. The more widespread the videos, the easier it will be for Tibetans inside Tibet and China to view. Please also send your video link to grassroots[at] and we will profile them on the SFT Blog.

5) Raise the Tibetan Flag on campus or in your community.

During the 2008 Uprising in Tibet, Tibetans inside Tibet carried homemade flags in the streets and hoisted them on top of Chinese government buildings. Helpful tips for your Flag Raising ceremony.

  • On March 10th, raise or display the Tibetan flag on your roof, in your widow, in your workplace, on your car or bicycle.
  • Organize a Tibetan flag raising ceremony. Upload photos and/or videos to the M10: Raise the Flag Facebook page.

6) Read & share Tiananmen 2.0: Why China Is Note Immune to the Tunisia Effect, an article by Tendor, SFT’s Executive Director about Egypt, Tunisia, China, and Tibet.