RENAISSANCE SERIES is presented by Students for a Free Tibet to promote the writings, poetry, music and other works of art and literature banned in Chinese-occupied Tibet. Since widespread protests swept across the Tibetan plateau in March 2008, the Chinese government has arrested and imprisoned numerous Tibetan writers, artists, and intellectuals for expressing their views and resisting China’s oppression.

In spite of this escalating repression, there is a cultural renaissance underway in Tibet with an endless stream of poems, essays, songs and paintings devoted to Tibetan identity, culture and the enduring spirit of Tibetan resistance. We encourage people everywhere to read the books, watch the films, and listen to the songs that the Chinese government is trying to censor. By amplifying everything banned in Tibet, we will shine a spotlight on Chinese-government repression, mobilize global support for Tibetans jailed by China, and thus ensure that their voices are not silenced.

Episode 01. Poetry in Resistance
Episode 02. Revolutionary Beats
Episode 03. “I am Tibetan”: Voices from Occupied Tibet
Episode 04. “In My Mother Tongue”: Freedom Through Language