Episode 03

RENAISSANCE SERIES | Amplifying Everything Banned in Tibet
Episode 03. “I am Tibetan”: Voices from Occupied Tibet
September 01, 2010
New York

September 1st signaled the beginning of China’s “Heaven in Tibet” Week at the Shanghai World Expo. In an attempt to claim Tibetan culture as its own and whitewash its abysmal human rights record in Tibet, the Chinese government has spent billions of dollar on yet another propaganda spectacle. Tibetans and Tibet supporters in NYC had something to say about that – in conjunction with a protest of “Heaven in Tibet”, SFT explored the theme of Pride, Unity & Vision with which Tibetans inside Tibet are pursuing the cultural resistance in Tibet in Episode 03 of the Renaissance Series.

During the day, number of SFT volunteers handed out leaflets to those entering & exiting the Consulate and passersby, exposing the lies of the Chinese government.

In the early evening, a crew of SFT volunteers and staff set out to set up in front of the NYC Chinese Consulate. The Tibetan national flags, prayers flags, “I am Tibetan” placards, and a giant banner that read “China: Stop Attacking Tibet’s Culture; ShanghaiExposed2010.org” taped, strapped, and staked; the speakers, microphone, projectors, and laptops plugged in; the evening of rally and poetry reading for episode 03 of SFT’s Renaissance Series began.

Tibetans and Tibet supporters, Burmese activists and former political prisoners participated in calling for the release of imprisoned Tibetan artists, writers, musicians and intellectuals – Shogdung, Tashi Dhondup, Kelsang Tsultrim, Rungye Adak, and other political prisoners – and shared in the inspiring words of Tibetan inside Tibet and China. Tibetans and supporters read poems by Tibetan netizens inside Tibet and amplified songs by popular Tibetan singers calling for unity of the people of Tibet. Check out the “I am Tibetan” poems and writing by Tibetan netizens and translated songs of unity below. Special thanks to High Peaks Pure Earth for providing all of the translations of the poems, essays, and music videos and allowing us to have an holistic understanding and appreciation of the culture and enduring spirit of Tibetan resistance.

“I am Tibetan” by Khampa Snow
“I am Tibetan” by Adong Paldothar
“I am Tibetan” by “Son of Snow” Dhondrup
“I am Tibetan” by Gade Tsering
“I am Tibetan” by Mu Di

Translated Songs:
Mentally Return” sung by Kunga, Yandong, Tsewang & Gangshuk
Sound of Unity” by Sherten

At night, the Consulate provided the perfect canvas for projecting images of the Tibetan national flag, Rungye Adak, Shogdung, Tashi Dhondup and other jailed artists, writers, musicians, and cultural figures. Passersby honked & whistled in support; took pictures and continued to watch the projection. Much, much later officially dressed personnel streamed out of the building out of what seemed like might have been a meeting and the dawdling Chinese officials became aware of the action. No need to say how they felt!

The day ended, but the week of action continues. Here’s how you can take part: www.shanghaiexposed2010.org