Season 3

SFTtv: Episode 4, December 01, 2010
This week: TenDolkar reports on SFT India’s Free Tibet! Action Camp XII; release of Tibetan intellectuals Shogdung and Kelsang Tsultrim; arrests of three young Tibetan writers Buddha, Dhonko and Kelsang Jinpa; and the development of the language rights protests in Tibet.

SFTtv: Episode 3, October 13, 2010
This week: TenDolkar reports on Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize award and how you can Take Action to call for his release, Free Tibet! Action Camp XII in India, Flying for a Free Tibet, new restriction policies in monasteries in Tibet, and how your generous donation can go a little further with

SFTtv: Episode 2, October 06, 2010
This week, TenDolkar reports on Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s NYC visit, opening of Tibet in Song, China Gold mining protest in Canada, Qinghai-Tibet railway extension in Tibet, 4th year anniversary of Nangpa la Pass shooting and release of ‘Murder in the High Himalaya’ & breaking news on armed Nepalese police confiscating Tibetan ballot boxes in Kathmandu.

SFTtv: Episode 1, September 08, 2010
- Season 3 Premiere of SFTtv: SFT’s USA Grassroots Director TenDolkar reports live from the NYC Chinese Consulate where SFT HQ is holding Episode 03 of the Renaissance Series – “I am Tibetan”: Voices from Occupied Tibet to counter China’s “Tibet Week” at the Shanghai Expo. Special thanks to High Peaks Pure Earth for providing all of the translations of the poems, essays, and music videos and allowing us to have an holistic understanding and appreciation of the culture and enduring spirit of Tibetan resistance.

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